Whether you are a frequent wanderluster or a newbie-traveler,  Los Angeles is exciting, sunny and hip.  A bustling metropolis with mountains, rivers, sun-kissed beaches, and one of the biggest airports in the world, Los Angeles International (LAX). In 2016 LAX handled 80,921,527 passengers, so it is one of the busiest airports in the world too, this means the last thing you'll want to face on arrival after the queue at customs and your baggage collection; is the taxi lines, bus schedules or hotel shuttle services. But, don't despair, LAX has UBER!

In LA there are thousands of UBER drivers much cheaper than regular cabs. If you've never used UBER before, the drivers are everyday people driving their personal cars (which have to be in good condition and registered with UBER). Passengers will use an app on their smartphone to request a ride and the driver has the same app so they can find the passengers easily. What is great is that you can tell the exact cost of the journey before the cab arrives through the APP, so no surprises, and UBER will make the payment on your behalf once you exit the cab (via the credit card you have saved to your profile). Just thank the driver, jump out, and then rate them afterwards. It is safe, reliable and very convenient. What's more, the UBER APP is global so you can use the same profile and credit card you use back home.

How to use UBER at LAX.

  • To use UBER, register online and download the APP prior to arriving in LA.
  • On arrival, LAX has free Wifi if you need a connection, and then simply log onto the APP from your smartphone.
  • You can request a cab by inputting where to meet them, double check the sign closest to you once you exit for this. The APP will ask you to specify your terminal and door number to help you clarify your pickup location. If you are worried, however, you can call your driver.
  • You can also see the name and license plate number of your driver in the APP. As well as see them (literally) on the APP as they drive to collect you, and they can see you too.
  • Look out for the Uber decal/trade dress which will always be displayed on the passenger-side windshield of your driver’s car.


  • Just remember to exit at the right level, selecting your terminal and nearest door number,  and meet your driver curbside.

It is that simple.

Remember that LAX is a very busy airport and UBER drops off and collects passengers almost 24 hours a day here, so chances are, there will probably be an UBER cab already waiting before you request. It is therefore important to only request a cab when you’re already outside, as cabs cannot wait around .

Where to meet your UBER.

Riders requesting uberPOOL, uberX, uberXL, and UberSELECT

  • Meet drivers on the departures (upper) level.
  • On the departures level, there are 5 “Ride Service” pickup signs located curbside (A-B and D-F)
  • .Riders requesting UberBLACK, UberSUV, or UberLUX
    • Meet driver downstairs on the arrivals (lower) level.

    Passengers with accessibility needs

    • Picked up is in the designated access zone on the arrivals level.

    UBER Cars.

    Select a car that suits your requirements and group size (luggage too). If you have multiple bags or passengers, a larger vehicle would be a better option. A high-capacity vehicle like UberXL is an option that seats up to 6 riders.

    Uber offers a range of services, from single riders, groups as well as executive limo services.


  • uberPOOL: Shares your ride and the cost. Good for 1 or 2 riders with a small amount of luggage. If no one is going where you are going and you have selected uberPOOL, the driver will wait up to five minutes and then depart with you alone and you’ll still get half-off (Uber will pay the driver the other half).
  • UberX: Is the cheapest and most common form of Uber. It is good for 1 or 2 riders with a small amount of luggage.
  • UberXL: For a  group with multiple bags. SUV or minivan.
  • UberASSIST: Request an uberX or uberXL driver who is trained to assist passengers who require assistance.
  • UberSELECT: A step above the everyday; request a ride in luxury sedan with a leather interior.
  • UberBLACK: Request a high-end luxury sedan driven by a professional driver.
  • UberSUV: UberBLACK for a larger group, it can seat up to 6 passengers.
  • UberWAV: Passengers with accessibility needs may request a wheelchair accessible vehicle with UberWAV.

  • FARESOnce you're in the cab, the driver will take you to your destination and then Uber charges your credit card directly through the app including tip.

    Go here for current rates in Los Angeles or try the UBER fare estimator here.

    Keep in mind that the fares are for one car, not per person. If traveling with a group, the cost per person is even lower. You can choose to split the bill between the group as long as the other travelers have UBER.

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