Known as Taiwan's maritime capital, Kaohsiung offers scenic mountains, ocean views, awesome night markets, as well as Taiwan's biggest mall, with a Ferris wheel on top. Tourists will find Kaohsiung a sophisticated and modern city and its MRT or KRTC system (as it is known) is no different. In fact two of its stations, the Formosa Boulevard Station and Central Park Station, were ranked among the top most beautiful subway stations in the world. So if you will be traveling along the KRTC in search of an adventure in Kaohsiung, or if you are only seeking a ride to see its beautiful stations, you will find Kaohsiung's Metro system, clean, efficient and easy to use.

Kaohsiung MRT Lines

The KRTC has two lines , the red and the orange, with operating hours from 6am to 11pm daily.

Red Line - MRT Siaogang Station to MRT Gangshan South Station

  • The KRTC Line has 24 stations from Siaogang Station to Gangshan South Station.
  • You will find Formosa Boulevard Station at the center of the line where the red and orange lines meet.
  • Popular attractions along the way include the Dream Mall, Liouhe Night Market, Nanhua Tourist Night Market, The Heart of Love River, The Tower of Light, Hakka Cultural Museum, The National Science and Technology Museum and the Fengping Temple.

Orange Line - MRT Sizihwan Station to MRT Daliao Station

  • The KRTC Orange Line has 14 stations from Sizihwan Station to Daliao Station.
  • The line meets the red line at the Formosa Boulevard Station and well-known attractions are : Sizihwan Bay, Shoushan Scenic Area, National Sun Yat-sen University, Former British Consulate at Takao, The Pier-2 Art Center and the Liouhe Night Market.

For more information on the travel times and the train stops go to:

Tickets: what to purchase.

You can purchase your ticket at any automatic ticket machine at the station. There is an English menu if you swipe the bottom of the machine, and it is easy to use. They do, however, only accept coins but you can get change at the information booths. You can also buy tickets at the station ticket counters.

Single (Token)

Depending on your journey tokens cost between $NT20 to $NT65. If you are only going to be using the KRTC for a brief trip, this is the way to go.

One day pass.

Can be purchased at the station's ticket counter at NT$120 and can be used as many time as you like for a day.

Two day Pass.

Can be purchased at the station's ticket counter at NT$250 and can be used as many time as you like for 2 days.

IPass and easycard.

If you are staying a while and plan on traveling the system a lot this is the way to go. They are easy to carry and safe to use and every card costs NT$100 before you top up. Fares calculated based on length of the journey, some journeys have a 15% discount.  and

Group tickets

Group tickets are for at least 10 or more passengers. For more information:

LRT (Light Rail Train) SYSTEM.

Kaohsiung Light Rail System is the first of its kind in Taiwan. The Light Rail, also known as the Circular Line, interchanges with both the Orange and Red MRT lines, meeting at Formosa Boulevard in the city center. It includes many Kaohsiung attractions like the Kaisyuan Night Market, Jingzuan Night Market, and the Dream Mall and its focus is on promoting tourism in the region. The fare for a one-way trip is NT$ 30 and you can purchase tickets at the Automatic Ticket Issuing Machine at KLRT station or at a ticketing booth.