The MRT system (mass rapid transit) at Taoyuan International airport's Terminal 2, links up Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and its surrounding cities, and it is fast, enormously efficient and convenient. With its express service taking just 37 minutes to Taipei Main Station, it is the fastest and most convenient way from the airport to Taipei and you can catch it directly from  Terminal 2 on arrival.

Finding the Airport Terminal 2 station.

The Airport Terminal 2 station is located directly under Terminal 2 of Taoyuan International Airport.

  • After baggage collection, you will exit the arrivals hall on the first floor.
  • Facing the arrivals hall turn right and follow the signs directing you to the MRT station. It will be easy to find as all the signs are in English, and they are very clear.
  • You will need to go down to level B2 to get there.
  • Walk near the side of level B2’s food court. (There are MRT signs).
  • The MRT entrance is near exit 1.
  • It will take you just 5 minutes walking from the arrivals hall to get here.

Take the MRT to Taipei Main Station

The airport line at Terminal 2 offers two types of trains; the express service (Purple Line), which is the fastest (37 min), and the commuter service (Blue Line) that takes a little longer as it stops at all stations (79 min). Both trains run until midnight so even if you arrive late, you can still catch a train into the city. They depart every 7.5 minutes and are available from 06:09 am (Blue) and 06:14 am (Purple) to 22:42 pm (Purple) and 23:42 pm (Blue) .

Please visit the Taoyuan Metro website for details.

Ticket Information.

  • Tickets can be paid in the following ways:
  • Cash at a ticketing machine or at a booth will give you Single-Use tokens to scan at the gate on entrance. Ensure you keep the tokens until you leave the MRT station on the other side as you are required to put them into a slot to exit.
  • Easy cards can be purchased at any convenience store. If you are going to be using the trains a lot in Taiwan, this is a good and easy option. Commuter passes are available for 30, 60, and 90-day durations.
  • One-Day Pass (unlimited rides until the end of the day for NT$150)
  • 24-Hour Pass (unlimited rides for 24 hours for NT$200)

Ticketing booths have multilingual systems and are easy to use.


Getting onto the MRT.

At the airport, scan your Easy card, Ipass or MRT token at the entrance gates to the MRT system. From here, you will see arrows directing you to the commuter train platform or the express train platform. Trains have luggage racks and charging panels for your mobile devices and free wifi.


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