Taoyuan Airport has three different options for storing your luggage.

  1. Storage Lockers
  2. Left Luggage
  3. Bonded Luggage Storage (left in customs)
  • Storage lockers


Taoyuan International Airport has smart luggage lockers in terminals 1 and 2 in three different sizes, and with four languages options: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English, and Japanese. Travelers can store their baggage for up to three days and prices are as follows.

  • Small $40 NT/ 3 hrs
  • Medium $60 NT / 3 hrs
  • Large $80 NT / 3 hrs

In terminal 1 these smart luggage lockers are located in two areas:

  1. Next to check-in counter 1 in the departure hall of Terminal 1.
  2. Across from the Pelican counter in the hallway of the first floor. (Next to check in counter 12).





  • Left Luggage lockers

Left luggage and luggage packing service counters are located in Terminals 1 and 2 and provide collection and delivery services from and to your home or hotel.

You can save yourself the hassle of dragging your bags around and book online before 6:00 pm one day prior to the date you will use the service and drop off your luggage with airport staff or your hotel reception before 12:00 pm on the selected date.

You will be guaranteed delivery to the airport by 4:00 pm or your hotel by 6:00 pm.

After arrival, you must take luggage through customs first in order to use this service. When you get to your hotel or to check in, show your voucher and your bags will be waiting for you.

Call for exact rates : +886-3-255 2290/50

You can find Left luggage services:

In Terminal 1 in front of Immigration counter on the 1st Floor, in the Departure Hall , next to No. 12 check-in counter.


In Terminal 2: In front of Immigration counter on 3rd Floor, in the Departure Hall, next to No. 15 check-in counter.

  • Bonded Luggage Lockers

If you have luggage that you do not wish to take through customs, you can deposit it at the bonded luggage counter before you go through customs, for collection on your departure.

Simply :

  1. Go to the customs counters and tell them you want the store the luggage as bonded and they will fill in a form.
  2. Take the form and walk to the counter at the far right corner.
  3. Hand in the luggage form and pay the fee.
  4. The agent will give you a bag tag.
  5. Then when you check in for your departure flight, you give that bag tag to the counter agent and they will send your luggage directly from storage to the airplane.

Baggage is charged by weight.