Taiwan has enough attractions to indulge almost every traveler; there's enough shopping and nightlife in Taipei to satisfy even the most demanding shopaholics and socialites out there, and for those who like adventure there's the volcanic peaks at Yangmingshan National Park or surfing at Kenting National Park. Taiwan is also very family friendly with options at the Taipei Zoo, a trip on the gondola to see the mountain village of Maokong or an experience on Taiwan's high-speed trains. Taiwan is diverse and beautiful, the food is exceptional and cheap and its modern metropolises are comparable to Hong Kong and Seoul. But when is the time to visit this incredible place?

Taiwan has a subtropical climate. It has wet, very humid summers when temperatures are in the mid to high 30s, and the winters are short and mostly mild, though temperatures can drop into single figures especially in the mountainous areas like Alishan. It is also worth knowing that the north generally tends to be several degrees colder, and a lot wetter than the more tropical south.

Weather in Taiwan, the seasons.

In general, autumn and winter (October - April) are the best times to visit Taiwan due to cooler temperatures, although, early summer (May to July) can also be pleasant in mountainous regions in the north.  If you enjoy the sun, the high temperatures in midsummer will also make it a great time for watersports and beach activities but you might find it too hot for much else.

April to June — Spring

This is when to visit Taiwan if you want to enjoy pleasant weather and fewer tourists. The weather is warm, but not too hot either. There will be some rainfall, but there shouldn't be too much of it. Towards the end of May and June, the rainfall starts increasing in frequency.

Highlights: This is the best time to visit Taroko National Park, Yangmingshan National Park, or the Alishan National Scenic Area to enjoy the stunning blooms and the wonderful weather.  Beautiful trails and good weather are a perfect match.

June to August — Summer

Summer starts at the end of June and goes on till August. The temperatures go up quite high, and there can also be a lot of rainfall. The weather in Taiwan will be hot and humid, and June is the rainiest month. There is a chance of typhoons hitting too.

Highlights: This is when to visit Taiwan if you are a beach lover. The beaches in southern Taiwan, especially those in Kenting National Park, are beautiful.

September to November — Fall

Autumn in Taiwan is beautiful and the weather in Taiwan will cool down. The southern part of the country remains warm, but the north will get much cooler. There is also little to no rainfall during this season, compared to the summer periods.

Highlights: This is a great time to visit south-east Taiwan, especially the beautiful Taroko National Park. For those interested in visiting the Sun Moon Lake, Alishan National Scenic Area, or the Yushan (Jade Mountain) this is the best time to visit Taiwan.

December to March- Winter

Winter is low season in Taiwan and December is the coldest month in Taiwan, so expect things to get quite cold. However, if you compare it to European winters the temperatures are mild. Bear in mind that Taiwanese homes are not kitted out for cold like they are in the west so you can really feel the cold here.

Highlights: The biggest attraction of this season is the hot springs. Taiwan has over 150 hot springs, most of which are located in the beautiful mountains. Beitou is one of the most popular hot springs and is a must-see for those visiting Taiwan. There are charming mountain retreats at Yangmingshan National Park too. The Chinese New Year (February) is a huge celebration all across the country, so expect a lot of shops and restaurants to close at this time.

Weather in Taiwan, the rain seasons.

Taiwan has a lot of rain.

  • The northeastern monsoon lasts about six months from October to late March and brings wet weather to Keelung and the northeast side of the island, while central and southern regions stay relatively dry.
  • Then the southwestern monsoon starts in May and ends in late September, primarily affecting the south.
  • Typhoons can also affect Taiwan in the summer with an average of two to three hits a year.
  • There's also the annual plum rain season which can last for two months between early spring and early summer and affects the whole island.

Weather in Taiwan, a Quick Guide.

October to late March = rain in the north.

May to September = rain in the south.

Summer (June to August), very hot weather especially in South. Typhoon season and rain in the south.

Winter (December - March) , sometimes quite cold in the north while south is mild. North can be rainy.

Fall (September - November) , there is less rain and temperatures are fair , colder in North and warmer in South.

Spring (April to June) mild weather and warming up but not too hot yet. Less tourists at this time too.