The world today is far more ‘connected’ to mobile devices than ever before. We use the internet everywhere we go and for those of us who like to travel, internet connection has become as important as finding accommodation and exchanging money.

If you are planning a trip to Taiwan, you will be pleased to know that data here is inexpensive, fast and can also be found for free. Whether you are interested in working while you travel, uploading blogs or your latest videos and photographs; Taiwan will keep you connected. Here are the ins and outs of mobile connection in Taiwan.

Taiwan's Free WIFI!

Taiwan offers free Wifi to all tourists! Awesome right! You can find free hotspot all over the country and on most public transport.

To access this, you need to register at any tourist kiosk in the airport or at any of the main stations. Simply produce your passport and email address. You can also register online before you arrive at

Be aware, however, that free connection can be slow and often allows only for light internet use, also you might not be able to access hotspots if you are outside the city. Also bear in mind, that when you use free wifi, private information on your phone is not considered safe.

Taipei, Taiwan evening skyline for adv or others purpose use

Prepaid Data Providers, The Options?

In Taiwan, you will find mobile service rates to be amongst the world's lowest and networks to be very fast and efficient. If you are traveling mainly in the city you will find service is mostly consistent between the major providers. However, in rural areas, especially more mountainous parts, the coverage can vary.

The main providers in Taiwan, in terms of market share, are :

1. Chunghwa (Emome).
● Ranked third for 4G speed.
● Currently the biggest private carrier.
● Providing 3G(WCDMA)/4G services.
● Considered to have the best signal, covering mountains and more remote areas.

2. Taiwan Mobile (My Fone).
● Ranked second for 4G speed.
● Providing 3G(WCDMA)/4G services.

3. FarEasOne.
● Ranked number one for 4G speed.
● Providing 3G (WCDMA)/4G services.

4. T star.
● Ranked number four for 4G speed.
● Providing 3G (WCDMA)/4G services.

For a Short Stay: Unlimited Data Within Selected Days.

With all four providers, SIM cards can be purchased from their branches and at the airport when you arrive.

If you are only staying in Taiwan for less than 30 days, it is your best option to get an airport package, as these are specifically for visitors. However, you will not be able to top it up as you will have data use within a set time frame only. You can choose from one day to thirty days for unlimited 3D data and need to produce your passport to purchase.

If you are applying outside the airport you will be able to top up on your plan, but take an additional form of ID with you when you purchase the SIM. Top ups for most providers can be made in-store and at all major convenience stores


● Their 3G SIM card (NT$300), is called an Ideal Card.

● Airport packages are easily available and top-ups for data plans purchased outside the airport can be done online at

Taiwan Mobile.

● Taiwan Mobile prepaid starter packs can be purchased in Myfone stores and at the airport.

● Their prepaid 3G SIM (NT$345 ) is for low data users, but cannot be purchased in store, instead, you have to order it online.

● For non-airport packages, recharge online using this link:


● Prepaid 3G SIM (NT$350) is called ‘IF’.

● Tourist packs at the airport are available.

4.Taiwan Star.

● TSTAR is Taiwan's smallest network and generally has a good connection but might not have coverage everywhere outside of the city.

● Their SIM card is available for free at their T-STAR branch at terminal 1 and 2 of Taoyuan International Airport, you will need to take two forms of ID with you.

Price comparison for day plans with unlimited Data.

*Taiwan Star offers airtime with packages.
*Currency is in Taiwan Dollars.

For a Longer Stay/Faster Speed: Data Usage Plan.

If you’re staying for a longer period of time or need a faster speed, we recommend you use the Data Usage Plan. These plans provide both 3G and 4G plans, but with the same data amount, 3G would be significantly more expensive than 4G plans.

● Chunghwa sells different 4G/LTE starter packs depending on your needs and you can add an additional ‘data volume plan’.

Taiwan Mobile and FarEasTone.

● The 4G/LTE prepaid packs are available.

Taiwan Star.
● 4G/LTE is available with unlimited data as a day plan only.

Price comparison for Data Usage Plan ( 4G).
(format: Carrier/TWD Prices/Number Expiration Date)
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