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This article introduces Ryanair's Baggage, Fare Rules, Seats, Terminals, Customer Service and other informations.
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Ryanair, based in Swords, Ireland, is Europe's largest Low Cost Carriers. It operates in 33 countries, 84 destinations, and 1800 routes.

  • IATA: FR
  • Main Hub: DUB

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Ryanair Route Map

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Ryanair Fare Types


  • Regular
    • Includes 7KG of carry-on baggage, flight/name change available with penalty fees, no refund available.
  • Leisure Plus
    • Includes 7KG of carry-on baggage, 20KG of checked baggage, standard seat, 30 day check-in, priority boarding, flight/name change available with penalty fees, no refund available.
  • Business Plus
    • Includes 7KG of carry-on baggage, 20KG of checked baggage, priority seat, priority boarding, fast track, flight/name change available for free, no refund available.

Ticket Prices

  • Displaying: prices are tax-included, service fees not included
  • Taxes: Varied for different government and airport
  • Service Fees: No fees for Debit card transactions, fees very for transactions paid with Credit card or Paypal.
  • Other fees information
    Flight change(online) EUR 30 ~ 60
    Name change(online) EUR 110
    (Processing Fees will be added if modified at the airport counter)

Carry-On Baggage Rules

  • Pieces: 1 carry-on bag + 1 small personal item
  • Dimensions:
    carry-on bag 55 x 40 x 20 cm
    personal item 35 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 10 KG

Checked Baggage Rules

  • Pricing scale: According to pieces and season dates as if differs from Low to High season. Excess baggage is EUR 10 per KG.
    • Low Season
      From 06/04/16 - To 31/05/16
      From 01/10/16 - To 20/12/16
      From 05/01/17 - To 31/05/17
    • High Season
      From 01/06/16 - To 30/09/16
      From 21/12/16 - To 04/01/17
  • Purchase Timing: During booking process > Other purchasing channels > Airport Counters
  • Pieces: No Restrictions
  • Dimensions: No Restrictions
  • Weight: 15KG or 20KG per piece, feed vary for Low and High Season
    15 KG: GBP 10 ~ 40
    20 KG: GBP 15 ~ 50
    25 KG: -
    30 KG: -
    35 KG: -
    40 KG: -

Seat Options 3-3


  • Standard Seat Pitch: 76.02 cm
  • Priority Seat Pitch: 81.28 ~ 82.36 cm
  • Width: 43.18cm

Add Ons

Information Needed for Booking

  • Phone and Email
  • Credit card information, billing address

Payment Method

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal

Online Services

Online Check-In

  • Online Check-In REQUIRED, Airport check-in charges extra EUR 45
  • Online Check-in available from 30 days to 2 hours before departure time, 4 days to 2 hours before departure time for those who didn't choose and pay for their preferred seat.
  • If there's no checked baggage, travelers may bring their boarding pass online and proceed directly to the boarding gate.

Airport Check-In

  • Check-in counter opens until 40 minutes before departure time
  • Please be at the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure time
  • Boarding Gate closes 20 minutes before departure time


Customer Services

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