WiFi has become the single most important essential at the airport besides water, and probably a chair. But some airports post strict requirements about time of usage, number of devices, and if you want a stable internet experience then it’s the hefty bill of international roaming that comes with it.

airport free wifi map

Anil Polat, a tech-savvy travel blogger has created a map full of worldwide airport’s free WiFi tricks. From the location to sit for best signal to how to tweak the passwords, it’s all you need to kill time in that long waiting time to board on the next flight. The offline version is made into an app and available for $1.99 on Android and iOS. However, if you are willing to update the map manually before each trip then store it on your phone, this map is offered to you for free! Here’s how:

1. Go to this link

This is an online version of the map, available in Google My Maps. It’s convenient to just click through and find the airport you need, however, you’re using this to get online and unable to use it offline defeats the purpose.

online maps

2. Download the map into .KML file

Click on the option of download KML file and you’ve successfully got the current version of the map.

Download KML

3. Transfer the file onto Dropbox or Google Drive (Dropbox Example)

Drag and upload the .KML file onto Dropbox or Google Drive. Open either app on your phone, open the .KML file in the app. It’ll most likely say can’t read or preview.

cant read page

4. Export to MAPS.ME (iOS Example)

Click export then choose to "copy to MAPS.ME", the entire map should then be copied as bookmarks into your MAPS.ME app.

export option
copy to MAPS.me

Now you have the Free WiFi spots, say goodbye to those international roaming cost and long layover time! Don't forget to update the map before you travel, Enjoy!

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