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Ovda Airport (Hebrew: נְמַל הַתְּעוּפָה עֻבְדָּה, Nemal HaTe'ufa Uvda; Arabic: مطار عوفدا‎‎) (IATA: VDA, ICAO: LLOV) is a military and civilian airport in Israel, located in the south of the country, about 60 km (37 mi) north of the city of Eilat. It is the country's second international airport. Ovda was originally built as a military airport in 1980 following Israel's withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula as part of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty because the Israeli Air Force needed alternative airfields to its Sinai bases. Nowadays, the airport also serves as the destination for many commercial flights to Eilat, especially for large planes which cannot use the shorter runway at Eilat Airport, although it is still used by the air force. The airport is expected to cease civilian flights once Eilat's new international airport in Timna opens.

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Uvda (Hebrew: עובדה‎‎) is the name of a region in the southern Negev desert, directly north of Eilat. The name derives from the Hebrew word uvda (meaning fact). The region was captured during Operation Uvda in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, when the Israel Defense Forces entered the area with the stated aim of establishing 'facts on the ground', hence the name.

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