Tabuk Regional

Tabuk Regional (Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz ) Airport (IATA: TUU, ICAO: OETB) is an international and public airport in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. It was a former military airport until its recent renovation to become a public airport, but it still has military defenses against Israel and its neighboring countries. Despite being an international airport, it only serves a few foreign destinations. It has plans to increase the number of international destinations to other neighboring countries. The airport has a single terminal building which uses air bridges for planes to disembark and load passengers. The airport was named after the late minister of Defence and crown prince Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz.

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Tabuk (Arabic: تبوك‎‎ Tabūk), also spelled Tabouk, is the capital city of the Tabuk Region in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It has a population of 534,893 (2010 census). Tabuk is close to the Jordan–Saudi Arabia border. It houses the largest air force base in Saudi Arabia.

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