Ranai Airport or Natuna Airport is an airport located at Ranai, the capital city of Natuna Regency, on the Natuna archipelago in the South China Sea. The airport is also a Type B airbase of the Indonesian Air Force. Other than that, the airport also serves civilian flights. Due to the ongoing South China Sea dispute, the Indonesian government has decided to expand the airport to accommodate large military aircraft. Additional facilities, such as aircraft hangars, ILS, refueling hangar are also currently being added. More military personnel are also stationed. The government are also planning to lengthen the airport's runway from 2.560 m to 3.000 m to accommodate large military aircraft. This would act as a deterrent against foreign ships from entering Indonesian waters, such as China, which has claims on the water off Natuna Islands, claiming this region is inside of the Nine-dash line. The expansion of the airbase is also to prevent illegal foreign fishing boats from entering Indonesian waters. Many fishing boats from China, Vietnam, Malaysia have often entered Indonesian waters illegally.

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The Natuna Islands archipelago (272 islands) is located in the South China Sea in the larger Tudjuh Archipelago, off the northwest coast of Borneo. Administratively, the islands (including the nearby Bunguran Islands) constitute a regency within the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia and are the northernmost non-disputed island group of Indonesia. The Natuna Islands themselves are divided into three groups: North Natuna, which includes Laut Island (Pulau Laut); Middle Natuna, which includes Bunguran (or Natuna Besar); and South Natuna, which includes Subi Besar.

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