Rendani Airport (IATA: MKW, ICAO: WAUU) Is an airport in Manokwari, West Papua, Indonesia. It is also one of the largest and busiest airports in West Papua, Indonesia. The airport has a one runway designated 17/35 with an asphalt surface measuring 2000 by 45 meters (6562 ft x148 ft), a new terminal, cargo building & larger apron was finished in 2013.

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Manokwari is a city in Indonesia. It is the largest city and, since 2003, the capital of the province of West Papua, at the western end of New Guinea. The city has many resorts and is a major tourist area. It is one of the seats of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manokwari–Sorong. It is also the administrative seat of Manokwari Regency. The city is also included of the Manokwari-Northeastern Bird's Head Peninsula MSA. It is the largest city in the metro area. The city is also a major port, financial center, and tourist area that is important to West Papua and Eastern Indonesia.

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