Macapá Intl

Macapá-Alberto Alcolumbre International Airport (IATA: MCP, ICAO: SBMQ) is the airport serving Macapá, Brazil. Since April 22, 2009 the airport is named after Alberto Alcolumbre, a local businessman. It is operated by Infraero.

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Macapá is a city in Brazil and the capital of Amapá state in the country's North Region. It is located on the northern channel of the Amazon River near its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean. The city is on a small plateau on the Amazon in the southeast of the state of Amapá and has few land connections to other parts of Brazil. The equator runs through the middle of the city, leading residents to refer to Macapá as "The capital of the middle of the world." It covers 6,407.12 square kilometres (2,473.80 sq mi) and is located northeast of the large inland island of Marajó and south of the border of French Guiana.

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