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Sohag International Airport (IATA: HMB, ICAO: HESG) is an airport serving Sohag which is located in the Sohag Governorate of Egypt. The airport is located 25 km south of the city.

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Sohag (Arabic: سوهاج‎‎, Saidi pronunciation: [suːˈhaːdʒ] Sūhāǧ, Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [soˈhæːɡ] Sohāg), also known as Sawhāj, Suhag and Suhaj, is a city in Egypt that lies on the west bank of the Nile. It has been the capital of Sohag Governorate since 1960. Prior to that, the capital was the city of Girga and the name of the governorate was Girga Governorate. It also included Esna Governorate (nowadays Qena Governorate).

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