Foshan Shadi

Foshan Shadi Airport (Chinese: 佛山沙堤机场; pinyin: Fóshān Shādī Jīchǎng) (IATA: FUO, ICAO: ZGFS), or Shadi Air Base, is a dual-use military and public airport serving the city of Foshan in Guangdong Province, China.

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Foshan (Chinese: 佛山) is a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong province, China. The area under the city's jurisdiction is about 3,848.49 km2 (1,485.91 sq mi) and has an urban population of over 7.2 million. It is part of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone with 44.78 million inhabitants at the 2010 census spread over nine municipalities (including Macao) and 17,573 km². The native dialect is the Foshan variant of Cantonese, and it is regarded as the homeland of Cantonese Opera (粵劇之鄉), Lingnan Kungfu / Martial Arts (嶺南武術), Lingnan Lion Dance (嶺南舞獅) and Dragon Boat (嶺南龍舟). Along with Guangzhou, Foshan is another cradle of Cantonese culture.

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