Daqing Sartu Airport

Daqing Sartu Airport (IATA: DQA, ICAO: ZYDQ) is an airport (class 4C) serving the city of Daqing in Heilongjiang Province, China. Construction started in 2007 with a total investment of 500 million yuan, and the airport was opened on 1 September 2009.

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Daqing (Chinese: 大庆; pinyin: Dàqìng; formerly romanized as Taching) is a prefecture-level city in the west of Heilongjiang province, People's Republic of China. The name literally means "Great Celebration". Daqing is known as the Oil Capital of China and has experienced a phenomenal boom since oil was discovered there in 1959. Its population was 2,963,458 at the 2010 PRC National Census, of whom 1,415,268 lived in the built-up area in 4 out of the total of 5 urban districts, i.e. (Sartu, Longfeng, Ranghulu and Honggang).

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