Sultan Thaha

Sultan Thaha Airport (IATA: DJB, ICAO: WIJJ) is an airport in Jambi City in the Jambi province of Indonesia. Located in the Paalmerah suburb of Jambi. It has 73 flights departing per week for short haul destinations and 42 medium-sized aircraft departing each week. This airport is named after Sultan Thaha, the last Sultan of Jambi.

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Jambi City (Indonesian: Kota Jambi, or Malay: Bandaraya Jambi) is a city in Indonesia, capital of Jambi province, on the island of Sumatra. The city is a busy port on the Batang Hari River and an oil- and rubber-producing centre. The city is located 26 km from the ruins of Muaro Jambi, an important city in the ancient Srivijaya kingdom. Nearby towns and villages include Mendalo (5.1 nm), Kinati (4.1 nm), Padang (4.5 nm), Tanjungjohor (3.2 nm), Paalmerah (2.8 nm), and Muarakumpe (3.6 nm). Jambi is served by the Sultan Thaha Airport.

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