Balmaceda (Teniente Vidal )

Balmaceda Airport (IATA: BBA, ICAO: SCBA) is an airport in Balmaceda, Chile, serving the Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region.

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Balmaceda is a Chilean village (Spanish: aldea) located south east of Coyhaique in Aysén Region. Balmaceda has around 500 inhabitants, and has Aysén Region's largest airport and meteorological station, Balmaceda Airport. The first settlers arrived into the zone in early-20th century after being expelled from Argentina since the borders between Chile and Argentina were drawn in 1902. In 1917 Balmaceda was officially founded and was named after the Chilean president José Manuel Balmaceda. Balmaceda was initially one of the largest inland Chilean settlements in what is now the Aysén Region.

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