Altamira Airport (IATA: ATM, ICAO: SBHT) is the airport serving Altamira, Brazil. It is operated by Infraero.

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Altamira is one of one hundred and forty-four municipalities in the state of Pará, in northern Brazil. It has an area of 161,446 square kilometres or 62,335 square miles, making it the largest municipality by area both in Pará state and Brazil and until 2009 it was the world's largest municipal subdivision. It occupies 12.8% of the state's territory, 1.8% of the Brazilian territory and 0.8% of the South American territory. It also covers a more extensive area than 104 countries, and is bigger than Bangladesh, which covers 147,570 square kilometres (56,977 sq mi). Altamira Municipality encompasses the Altamira city and district, the seat of local government, whose majority population lives in urban area, and nine other mostly rural districts (most of those covered by the Amazon rainforest), whose urban populations are minorities, and live in inhabited areas spaced by tens or hundreds of kilometers. According the 2010 Brazilian National Census the municipality has 99,075 inhabitants, making a density of only 0.65 inhabitants per square kilometer at the same year. It is home to hundreds of indigenous communities and environmental protection areas.

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