Pattimura International Airport is an airport in Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia (IATA: AMQ, ICAO: WAPP). The airport was named after Pattimura, regarded a national hero in Indonesia who fought against the Dutch in 1816.

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Ambon (Indonesian: Kota Ambon, Dutch: Amboyna ; Portuguese: Nossa Senhora de Anunicada ; Spanish: Ciudad de Amboina) (2010 pop. 330,335) is the main city and seaport of Ambon Island, and is the capital of Maluku province of Indonesia. This city is also known as "Ambon Manise," which means "beautiful" or "pretty". Ambon is the largest city in the Maluku islands and is the central of Maluku archipelago. Today, the city of Ambon has became the center of the port, tourism and education in the Maluku islands. The city is classified as one of the main cities in Eastern Indonesia based on the economic growth and development . Ambon was shocked by social unrest motivated by racial intolerance between 1996-2002. However, nowadays Ambon City has been improving itself to becoming one of the most advance cities in eastern Indonesia The city of Ambon is a portrait of a pluralistic city. Where the inhabitants come from ethnic Alifuru (original Moluccas), Javanese, Balinese, Butonese, Bugis, Makassar, Papuan, Minahasa, Minang, Flobamora ( Flores, Sumba, Alor and Timor tribes) and those of foreign descent (Chinese Community, Arabian-Ambonese Community, Spanish-Ambonese Community, German-Ambonese Community, Portuguese-Ambonese Community and Dutch-Ambonese Community). Currently, The City of Ambon is divided into 5 districts namely Nusaniwe, Sirimau, Ambon Bay, Gulf Baguala and South Leitimur, which is divided again to over 50 kelurahan ( Villages)

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