Here’s a recap of our Hong Kong and Macau trip during National Day period back then. But you’ll soon realise that images are mainly taken in Macau, that’s because majority of our time was either spent in Hong Kong shopping malls or Shenzhen Luohu Commercial City. My camera didn’t left the bag…a heavy white elephant, until our day trip and my first visit to Macau.

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Flights from Kuala Lumper to Macau

Known for its glamorous casinos, the sin city of the East has more than 30 casinos within its relatively small land area, no surprise for people to associate Macau to gambling. But looking beyond that, Macau has a rich and varied past, being a Portuguese colony for centuries. The East West cultural blend is seen in the mix of Chinese styled historic buildings, baroque-style churches and old fortifications in the surrounding. And the street names are in both Portuguese and Chinese. All these are uniquely Macau.

I like the pastel coloured classical buildings around Senado Square famous for its wave-patterned mosaic pavement.

Senado Square in Macau