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Grande Prairie Airport (IATA: YQU, ICAO: CYQU) is located 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) west northwest of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. It is the largest airport in the Peace River Country of northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia, having served 415,634 passengers in 2012. The airport is currently seeing high passenger traffic growth due to the high economic and population growth of the city. The terminal was originally built in 1981, and recently completed its extensive renovations which increased space, added a restaurant to the second floor and expansion of the terminal to the south and parking space. And now an expansion is already underway to add another gate, baggage carousel, and office space for customs use. The airport also widely serves recreational traffic, including having destinations served by regional air carriers Air Canada Express and WestJet Encore each with propjet flights to Edmonton and Calgary, along with charter traffic, and traffic caused by the high density oil and gas industry in the area. Sunwing Airlines operates seasonal flights with Boeing 737-800 jetliners to international vacation destinations such as Cancun, Mexico. Currently the airport is served by a Flight Service Station, and is a Class "E" airspace. The airport also currently serves the Royal Canadian Air Cadets Peace Region Gliding Program, who currently fly the Schweizer 2-33A glider off a typical winch launch set up.

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Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is a city in northwest Alberta, Canada within the southern portion of an area known as Peace River Country. It is located at the intersection of Highway 43 (part of the CANAMEX Corridor) and Highway 40 (the Bighorn Highway), approximately 456 km (283 mi) northwest of Edmonton. The city is surrounded by the County of Grande Prairie No. 1. Grande Prairie is the seventh-largest city in Alberta with a population 55,032 recorded by the 2011 Census, and was one of Canada's fastest growing cities between 2001 and 2006. The city adopted the trumpeter swan as an official symbol due to its proximity to the migration route and summer nesting grounds of this bird. For that reason, Grande Prairie is sometimes nicknamed the "Swan City". The dinosaur has emerged as an unofficial symbol of the city due to paleontology discoveries in the areas north and west of the Grande Prairie.

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