Tuguegarao Airport

Tuguegarao Airport (Filipino: Paliparan ng Tuguegarao, Ilokano: Pagtayaban ti Tuguegarao, Itawis: Pakkayabban ya Tuguegarao) (IATA: TUG, ICAO: RPUT) is an airport serving the general area of Tuguegarao, the capital city of the province of Cagayan in the Philippines. The airport is classified as a major commercial domestic airport by the Air Transportation Office, a body of the Department of Transportation and Communications that is responsible for the operations of not only this airport but also of all other airports in the Philippines except the major international airports.

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Tuguegarao, (Ibanag: Siudad nat Tuguegarao; Ilocano: Ciudad ti Tuguegarao; Filipino: Lungsod ng Tuguegarao) is a 3rd-class (CYs 2004-2007) component city in the Philippines. It is the capital of the province of Cagayan and the regional and institutional center of Cagayan Valley Region. The city, on the southern border of the province, is located where the Pinacanauan River empties into the Cagayan River and is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains to the east, Cordillera Mountains to the west, and the Caraballo Mountains to the south. The population of the city as of the 2015 census is 153,502 people. Most of the inhabitants are Ilocanos, Ibanags and Itawes. Some are of Chinese and Indian descent. The highest temperature ever recorded in the Philippines -- 42.2 °C (108.0 °F)—was recorded in Tuguegarao on April 29, 1912 and again on May 11, 1969. Average temperature during March and April is 38 °C (100 °F), one of the highest in the country.

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