Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport

Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (Arabic: مطار شرم الشيخ الدولي‎‎ Maṭār Sharm al-Shaykh al-Duwaliyy) (IATA: SSH, ICAO: HESH), formerly known as Ophira International Airport, is an international airport located in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. It is the third busiest airport in Egypt after Cairo International Airport and Hurghada International Airport.

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Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh (Arabic: شرم الشيخ‎‎, IPA: [ˈʃɑɾm eʃˈʃeːx]) is a city situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in South Sinai Governorate, Egypt, on the coastal strip along the Red Sea. Its population is approximately 73,000 as of 2015. Sharm el-Sheikh is the administrative hub of Egypt's South Sinai Governorate, which includes the smaller coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba as well as the mountainous interior, St. Catherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai. It is now a holiday resort and significant centre for tourism in Egypt.

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Air Arabia Jordan


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