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Sorong Airport (also known as Domine Eduard Osok Airport) (IATA: SOQ, ICAO: WASS) is an airport in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia. It is one of the largest and busiest airports on the Bird's Head Peninsula. It replaced the smaller, former World War II airfield, Jefman Airport on the island of Jefman. Domine Eduard Osok Airport serves as a major gateway to the Raja Ampat Islands, since it is closer to the city of Sorong, compared to the provincial capital of Manokwari. Due to increasing demand, the government has decided to lengthen the runway to 2,500 m from 2,000 m so that the airport can accommodate wide-body aircraft. This was done in mid-2015. A new terminal with 2 jetbridge is under construction. Construction has started in mid-2013. It is predicted to start operating in February 2016. The new terminal could accommodate 2,4 million passenger per year, three times larger than the current terminal, which could only accommodate 700,000 passenger per year. In total, the project cost up to 239 billion rupiah.

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Sorong is a chartered coastal city in the eastern Indonesian province of West Papua. Its only land borders are with Sorong Regency. It is the gateway to Indonesia's Raja Ampat Islands, species rich coral reef islands in an area considered the heart of the world's coral reef biodiversity. It also is the logistics hub for Indonesia's thriving eastern oil and gas frontier. Sorong has experienced exponential growth since 2010, and further growth is anticipated as Sorong becomes linked by road to other frontier towns in Papua's Bird's Head Peninsula. The city had a population of 190,625 at the 2010 Census; the latest official estimate (as at January 2014) is 219,958. It is served by Dominique Edward Osok Airport.

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