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Lampang Airport (Thai: ท่าอากาศยานลำปาง) (IATA: LPT, ICAO: VTCL) serves Lampang, the capital city of Lampang Province, Thailand. The New Terminal at Lampang Airport opened on 27 September 2015 and opened to the public on 22 October 2015. Lampang Airport has a plan to expand its runway length from 1,900 meters long to 2,150 - 2,200 meters long and to add more aircraft parking spaces from 3 to 5. (2016 budget year)

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Lampang, also called Nakhon Lampang (Thai: นครลำปาง, pronounced [náʔkʰɔːn lampaːŋ]) to differentiate from Lampang Province, is the third largest town in northern Thailand and capital of Lampang Province and the Lampang district. Traditional names for Lampang include Wiang Lakon and Khelang Nakhon. The city is still growing rapidly as trading and transportation center. It offers much of the historic interest of Lanna as well as Chiang Mai, but without the overt commercialization. In the heart of the north, Lampang is also a good base for excursions and travel within northern Thailand. Lampang lies 601 km north of Bangkok and 101 km south-east of Chiang Mai.

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