Hobart International Airport

Hobart International Airport (IATA: HBA, ICAO: YMHB) is an airport located in Cambridge, 17 km (11 mi) northeast of Hobart. It is the major passenger airport in Tasmania. The Federal government owned airport is operated by the Tasmanian Gateway Consortium under a 99-year lease. The airport maintains a conjoined international and domestic terminal. The major airlines servicing the airport are Qantas, Jetstar Airways, Virgin Australia and Tiger Airways Australia operating domestic flights predominantly to Melbourne airport and Sydney airport. Although the airport has not had a regularly scheduled international passenger service since 1998 (to Christchurch, New Zealand), the airport maintains customs and immigration facilities for aircraft entering the country. Due to the airport's southern location, Skytraders operate regular flights to Antarctica on behalf of the Australian Antarctic Division using an Airbus A319. Hobart International Airport was opened in 1956 and privatised in 1988. Occupying approximately 565 ha (1,400 acres) of land, the airport is situated on a narrow peninsula. Take-offs and landings are inevitably directed over bodies of water regardless of approach or departure direction. The region immediately surrounding the airport remains largely unpopulated, which enables the airport to operate curfew-free services. In the 2010-11 financial year, the airport handled 1,903,000 passenger movements, making it the ninth busiest airport in Australia.

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Hobart (/ˈhoʊbɑːrt/) is the capital and most populous city of the Australian island state of Tasmania. Founded in 1803 as a penal colony, Hobart is Australia's second oldest capital city after Sydney, New South Wales. The city is located in the state's south-east on the estuary of the Derwent River, making it the most southern of Australia's capital cities. Its harbour forms the second-deepest natural port in the world. In June 2013, the city had a greater area population of approximately 217,973. Its skyline is dominated by the 1,271-metre (4,170 ft) kunanyi/ Mount Wellington, and much of the city's waterfront consists of reclaimed land. It is the financial and administrative heart of Tasmania, serving as the home port for both Australian and French Antarctic operations and acting as a major tourist hub, with over 1.192 million visitors in 2011/2012. The metropolitan area is often referred to as Greater Hobart, to differentiate it from the City of Hobart, one of the five local government areas that cover the city.

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LCCs operating in Hobart

Tigerair Australia

Direct flights from Hobart

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Melbourne From $25 (Tax incl.)

  • Tigerair Australia (TT)
  • Virgin Australia (VA)

Brisbane From $119 (Tax incl.)

  • Virgin Australia (VA)

Sydney From $89 (Tax incl.)

  • Virgin Australia (VA)