Da Nang International Airport

Đà Nẵng International Airport (IATA: DAD, ICAO: VVDN) (Vietnamese: Sân bay Quốc tế Đà Nẵng) is located in Đà Nẵng, the largest city in central Vietnam. It is the third international airport in the country, besides Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) and Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City), and is an important gateway to access central Vietnam. In addition to its civil aviation, the runway is shared with the Vietnamese People's Air Force (VPAF, the Không Quân Nhân Dân Việt Nam), although military activities are now extremely limited. The airport served 5 million passengers in 2014, around six years sooner than expectation. An expansion of the new terminal is currently considered to increase its capacity to 10 million passengers per annum by 2020. This airport handled 6,722,587 passengers in 2015, an increase of 34.7% compared with that of 2014.

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Da Nang

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LCCs operating in Da Nang

Jetstar Asia

Jeju Air

Air Busan

Thai AirAsia

Eastar Jet

Direct flights from Da Nang

Lowest tax-include fare (oneway) (USD)

Singapore From $74 (Tax incl.)

  • Jetstar Asia (3K)

Seoul From $72 (Tax incl.)

  • Jeju Air (7C)
  • t'way (TW)
  • VietJet Air (VJ)
  • Eastar Jet (ZE)

Hanoi From $17 (Tax incl.)

  • Jetstar Pacific (BL)
  • VietJet Air (VJ)

Ho Chi Minh City From $17 (Tax incl.)

  • Jetstar Pacific (BL)
  • VietJet Air (VJ)

Bangkok From $35 (Tax incl.)

  • Thai AirAsia (FD)

Dubois From $17 (Tax incl.)

  • VietJet Air (VJ)