Changchun Longjia International Airport

Changchun Longjia International Airport (IATA: CGQ, ICAO: ZYCC) is an airport in Jilin Province, China, for which it is an aviation hub in China's Civil Airport System. The airport is 31.2 kilometres (19.4 mi) north-east of provincial capital Changchun and 76 km (47 mi) north-west of Jilin City: responsibility for the operation of the airport is shared by both cities. Changchun Airport is a regional hub for China Southern Airlines.

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Changchun (Chinese: 长春; [ʈʂʰǎŋ ʈʂʰu̯ə́n]) is the capital and largest city of Jilin Province, located in the northeast of the China. Lying in the center of the Songliao Plain, Changchun is administered as a sub-provincial city including 7 districts, 1 county and 2 county-level cities. According to the 2010 census of China, Changchun had a total population of 7,674,439 under its jurisdiction. The city's urbanized (or metro) area, including 5 districts and 4 development areas, had a population of 3,815,270 in 2010 as Shuangyang and Jiutai districts are not urbanized yet. The name of the city means "Long Spring" in Chinese language. Between 1932 and 1945, Changchun was renamed Hsinking (Chinese: 新京; literally: "new capital") by the Japanese as it became the capital of the Japanese puppet state Manchukuo occupying Northeast region of China. After the foundation of China in 1949, Changchun was established as the provincial capital of Jilin in 1954. Known as China's Automobile City, Changchun is an important industrial base with a particular focus on the automotive sector. Because of its key role in domestic automobile industry, Changchun was sometimes referred to as the "Detroit of China." Apart from this industrial aspect, Changchun is also one of four "National Garden Cities" awarded by the Ministry of Construction of P.R. China in 2001 due to its high urban greening rate.

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