What is HelloWings Budget?

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HelloWings Budget provides the analysis on the lowest price for the route you are searching for perhaps next year's travel. With this chart, you can see if there’re cheaper tickets before or after your expected departure date. Everyday's difference price points are all put into a chart where at a single click of your mouse can preview the price for the entire year.

The flight information includes: departure and arrival airports, carrier, departure and arrival time, amount of transfer stops, total flight duration, and tax-included price. You can get more details of the flight after clicking on it. You can use the filter to exclude carriers or transfer stops, and restrict the time of departure/arrival/total duration. Sort the results by different criteria to pick the flights easier.

Note: When there’re transfer station/airports in the search results, if the green line is connected that means “guaranteed transfer”, as the transfer is provided by carrier itself, generally you won’t have to collect your luggage, go through immigration, and take your own risk of missing next flight if the former segment of the tripwas delayed.

However, if the line is not connected, which means it is HelloWings Budget has computed the flights for you throgh Smart Combination, you will have to collect your luggage, go through immigration, and re-check in. The carrier might not offer waiver or flight change service when you've missed the flight due to any reasons. Please double check if you have enough time for transfer before booking. After finding the desired flights, click Book button and we’ll redirect you to carrier’s official page or our partners to book the ticket and make payments.